White Paints to Match Ikea Cabinets

You guys know I’m a bit paint color obsessed since I have a whole separate blog about paint color and all. If there was every any doubt, this post will confirm it :). The differences in white paints might seem small to some, but they seem huge to me! It was hard to capture the exact color differences of the different white paints with my trusty little point and shoot, but this is my best shot.

I posted a little while ago that we were working on some custom trim to go around the peninsula. You can see the little mock up we did propped up against the end of the peninsula. We’re going to do trim like this all the way around.

ikea lidingo cabinet peninsula trim installation

We’re starting from scratch. Way from scratch. This is one of the pieces of wood we started with. My dad is handy with woodworking, so he helped…or rather, he did it and I watched and took pictures :).

custom ikea lidingo cabinet peninsula trim installation

I’ll be back later with a how to on how we’re making this into trim. For now, I’ve been testing white paint colors that match the Ikea Lidingo cabinet doors and have found a couple that are really close.

I think we’re going to try spray painting the peninsula trim to give it a super smooth finish, but spray paint colors are really limited. Anything labeled just “white” was waaaay too white. Blindingly white. Many brands have Antique White which is too yellow. I tried the ever popular Rustoleum Heirloom white and that was just a tad too yellow still (but a great color if you’re looking for a creamy white spray paint).

I was about to give up on finding a white spray paint that would match, but the other day when I was shopping for fabric supplies for my no sew roman shade I saw a little case in the back of Joanne Fabrics with spray paints. I glanced through, and lo and behold there was one white spray paint I hadn’t seen before – Rustoleum Blossom White! I didn’t get my hopes up, but I came home and sprayed half of a leftover piece of Lidingo trim, and it was a pretty good match. Score!

rustoleum blossom white paint with ikea lidingo cabinets

Here it is without the line. I think that’s about as close as I’m going to be able to find for a spray paint match (and I’d say it’s pretty darn close). Ignore the slightly messy drippy paint line. This was just a test piece so I wasn’t too worried about making it perfect

rustoleum blossom white ikea cabinet paint match

We’re also adding crown molding above the cabinets and will paint the soffit to match, so I needed a latex paint too. We have painted all of the trim in our house Sherwin Williams Alabaster, so I gave that a shot since I had some on hand.

white paints to match Ikea Lidingo cabinets

Here it is without the lines. You can see the color difference better here. Too dark.

white paint to match ikea lidingo white cabinets

I went to Sherwin Williams to try color matching, but after taking a look at the Proclassic Trim Paint in Extra White right next to my trim sample I took with me, they suggested I just give the Extra White a try (which is just the untinted white right off the shelf) because it looked very similar. I brought it home and tested it on top of my scrap Lidingo trim piece, and it was pretty close, but not perfect.

sherwin williams extra white ikea cabinet paint match

Here it is without the line. Just a tad too bright with a hair too much gray.

ikea lidingo cabinet paint color match

I thought about taking it back to get it tinted, but…

I had a reader, Jen, ask me about paint colors to match Ikea cabinets, and we got to chatting and she mentioned she saw a post on Ikea Fans about white colors to match the Lidingo cabinets, and some of them suggested Benjamin Moore Simply White. I bought a quart and the color was almost exact, so I think this is the one we’re going with to paint the soffit and crown. Thanks Jen for the suggestion!

benjamin moore simply white with Ikea lidingo cabinets

Here you can see it without the black line. You can barely tell where it starts, unlike the Alabaster and Extra White above. It is slightly warmer than the Ikea white, but since this is only going to be up at the ceiling, I don’t think it will be noticeable.

benjamin moore simply white paint match ikea cabinets

Remember to stop over at my other blog Involving Color on Monday, April 2 with your paint colors for another Paint Color Party!

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  1. Nicole J says

    Oh man I just went through this exact same scenario 6 months ago. I searched and searched for a white. We ended up using the Benjamin Moore Simply White. It ended up turning out great though! Glad you posted this. I did it trial and error!

  2. says

    Trial and error is the way to go. Loved your post. I’m so glad I found your blog via the DIY party and I am now following so we can stay connected. I would love if you stopped by and follow too. Lori

  3. Annie Schultz says

    Thank you!! I have been trying a MILLION different whites to paint my cabinets and I am so glad I came across your site. You are a life saver!!

  4. Katy Davis says

    Hi! Just wondering if you used oil based paint or the latex paint? I bought the paint in simply white high glass oil based and found we could really tell a difference when we put it next to the cabinets. :(.

  5. Cliff says

    Looks great! I’m in a similar situation, but I own a heavy duty sprayer…or you can get a “project sprayer” at home depot or harbor freight, which is worth it if you intend to do stuff like that again..then you just bring a piece of Lidingo door to Home Depot and get a computer match, and run it through the sprayer for the silky smooth texture. Hopefully it works…

    • Jena M says

      Cliff, great tips! I am actually going to be testing out a sprayer for an upcoming project, and I agree it would have been great to try it out on our cabinet trim. Good luck with your project!

  6. Emily says

    I’m not good at any of this but we’re in the middle of a reno and need some help. We’re putting in Lidingo white cabinets (currently in the garage waiting to be put together) and I need to figure out paint stuff in the next few days. I had actually decided on Simply White for the trim, glad you agree, but now I’m wondering – do I do the ceiling the same colour?? Or should it be more “real white”? Thanks!

    • Jena M says

      We used a ceiling white by C2 paints, which is a basic bright white. You could go either way either using a bright white or Simply White. Also, I always recommend using a flat paint on the ceiling and satin or semi-gloss for trim.

      • Emily says

        Thanks!!! Really appreciate the response. I went with Simply White for everything and followed your advice for shine-levels/type of paint. Too many decisions and so confusing, thank goodness for blogs like yours :)

  7. Tammie Carr says

    Thank Heaven for your blog!! We have installed the Lidingo cabinets in our kitchen as well. We were having a hard time matching the white for the trim. I will definitely give the BM a try and will let you know what we thought of the Aura satin finish simply white. I am so excited now. It was beginning to frustrate me. Thank you so much!!

  8. jamie perry says

    Really happy to find your post and your website! I wish you could help identify a color for lidingo gray also. I just don’t have an eye for paint colors and have not found anyone who has done this on the web with the gray.

    • Jena M says

      Hi Jamie,
      I wish I could help, but I haven’t tested out grays for the Lidingo gray myself. There are so many grays and each has varying undertones, I unfortunately can’t give a good color without trying it out in person. Most paint stores can color match, so if you take a piece into the store, they should be able to come close to it. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer!

  9. Hannah says

    Love it!! I am looking for a white spray paint to match the IKEA Ingolf chairs in white…so naturally, I’m wondering if their “Lidingo” white is the same as their “Ingolf” white…Any idea? I suppose I can check the next time I go to IKEA. Thank you for posting this!

    • Jena says

      Hi Hannah, I’m not sure about the Ingolf chairs unfortunately. Ikea does have varying shades of white, so Simply White may or may not be the right color. If you have a Benjamin Moore nearby, they do have a great selection of whites (they use a different type of light base than many other brands) so I’ve found they can sometimes match whites better than some other paint brands. Good luck!

  10. Kathi says

    Hi- I am about to paint some trim I custom made for my kitchen as well. I sent and inquiry to Ikea asking for the color code and I hope they come through. You know absolutely perfect is better than near perfect. Especially if you are going to have any sunlight or counter lights shining on that trim.
    Anyway- I will take a piece of wood- we cut some to modify heights as well – and have it scanned.
    I do this often with fabrics and such. It is easier to buy your favorite pillow or curtain fabric and then scan it to mix up the right paint color. I’m sure my paint shop will be able to scan the drawer front.
    No point in buying a pre-mixed color. If you ever have to touch up something years down the road- maybe it will no longer be available. Better to have the universal color code. Any paint shop can mix those.
    (Very nice work on your kitchen- I have the same cabinets by the way- which have been dicontinued. I have enlarged with Laxarby now which is also taller (thus the cutting).

    • Jena says

      Custom color matching is definitely another good way to go. They do provide the color code on the named colors too, just FYI :)
      If they discontinue the color, they can still mix it down the road.

  11. Mariana says

    Any idea of what the equivalent would be for Chalk Paint colors? I have the Ikea cabinets but want to use chalk paint instead and try to match it…. since it is harder to test chalk paint I was wondering if anyone else tried. Thanks.

  12. Rob says

    Hi, Thanks for the tips. I tried the Rustoleum Blossom White but it only comes in satin in Canada so not a great match. Canada’s Home Hardware’s Beautitone rust coat in white matched up great. As for the trim, I had to make my own tri-angle drawer front. The Lindigo edge pattern can be closely replicated using a combination of a couple of different router bits: 1 with a router using a simple 45 degree chamfer bit, and 2 a straight cutter bit using a router table for the front face indent. Lee Valley has a panel pilot bit that if used instead of a straight cutter bit might nearly exactly replicate the edge treatment.

    Thanks again for your photos and research.

  13. Mandy says

    Hello, I have a lidingo kitchen that is white that is pealing on a view corners. If I can find the paint color to match how do I touch up just the edges? The peeling is on the inside of the cabinet. Do i have to paint the entire thing? How do I get the same finish as ikea had?

  14. Brooke H says

    Any idea what your backsplash name/manufacturer is? Sorry this is off the topic of paint but I noticed it and thought “how beautiful!” Figured I’d ask. :)

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