Out with the Brick, In with the Gray

In December I shared on Involving Color our new gray painted fireplace, just in time for the holidays. I’m always a little sad taking down my Christmas decorations, but it is nice and refreshing to have things back to normal, too.

It was fun to see how the new painted fireplace looked with our regular mantel decor since it was Christmas when we painted it.

Clark+Kensington Ominous Cloud fireplace. Before it was dated 80's brick. A quick and easy paint update!

I think I’m in love. Especially when I remember what it looked like.

Painting a dated brick fireplace gray. Easy way to update ugly brick.

I really can’t believe it took us so long to paint this guy! It was a quick and easy project. We updated the brass door too (see my last post on how we did that), and I’m so glad we didn’t mess with trying to replace it. Painting over the brass was easy and made it look brand new.

Adding to the newness factor was that I cleaned the heck out of it before painting it. I’ll admit that prior to this, I don’t think I had ever cleaned the glass. Let’s just say I went through at least one or ten paper towels.

Updating a dated brick fireplace and brass door using paint. Easy and cheap!

I had been toying with the idea of painting over the tan in our living room, but now that I see how it looks with the gray paint next to it, I may just bring it a bunch of gray accents and keep the walls as is. I’m a big fan of mixing warm and cool neutrals, and even though tan isn’t the most popular color anymore, I do enjoy the warmth it brings to a room.

Part of the reason it took so long to paint is I was thinking I wanted to redo the surround completely and cover up the brick with tile or something else. Now that we painted it, the brick has grown on me and I’m thinking we may just beef it up with some molding. For now I’m just happy that brick is covered up!

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    • Jena M says

      Thanks Natalie! The walls are actually a warm tan, though it does have very slight green undertones in certain lighting. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Ramie.

  1. says

    I saw that on your My home and Paint color section but it looks so green in the photo I thought you must have repainted. Funny what the light and a camera do to paint colors. I love SW Ramie so it is good to know it can appear so green. Thanks for you quick reply.

  2. Tauni says

    Hello- I love this room! Can you tell me what the fireplace color is? Also, can you tell me where you got the floor lamp and also that wicker foot rest? Thanks!

    • Jena M says

      The fireplace color is Clark + Kensington Ominous Cloud. The floor lamp and foot rest were from Homegoods, but I recovered it in fabric that I got from Tonic Living.

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