Virtual Paint Color Makeover

Casey sent me a picture of her home and asked for some help picking out shutter and front door colors. One of the things I love about her home is that they DIY’d most of it. Impressive, huh?

It’s so pretty with all of the snow.

The door colors were coming out really bright in comparison to the rest of the house for some reason. I think it is because the porch is shaded and I don’t know how to make my virtual colors reflect that. So pretend the door colors are a bit more muted!

The first colors I did were Sherwin Williams Dark Night shutters and a Sherwin Williams Crimson Red door. I really liked blues and reds up against the tan siding and darker trim. I left the sidelights white because I like how they contrast with the dark trim and bold door.

sherwin williams dark night crimson red

The second colors are Sherwin Williams Vermillion shutters and a Sherwin Williams Cascades door, sort of a reverse of the previous colors. I really like both, but I think I am partial to the blue shutters and red door.

sherwin williams vermillion cascades

The last colors I did were Sherwin Williams Dark Night shutters and a Sherwin Williams Relentless Olive door. Relentless Olive is normally more of an olive green. It’s looking a bit neon with the virtual color, but I still love the look of the green. Remember my virtual makeover of our patio doors? I have a thing for green doors right now.

sherwin williams dark night relentless olive

Thanks so much, Casey, for letting me virtually makeover your home!

Note that paint colors in real life can be different that what you see on a monitor, so I would still suggest getting a sample and testing it out in person.



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