Valspar Pool Tile

If you follow me on my other blog, Involving Home, you may know we have rentals…4 actually. One of them is a condo built in the 40’s that we had hardly upgraded since we bought it about 5 years ago. The bathroom was in desperate need of a remodel, but the place rented okay so we had not done much with it. We did hire somebody a few years ago to re-glaze the tub, but the tub was in such poor condition that the rust started coming through again already. We decided after our last renter moved that we would rip out that old tub and replace with a new shower.

It was also time for a fresh coat of paint. I’ll share more of the renovation details over on Involving Home in an upcoming post, but for the overall paint look, were going for a cool, clean, classic look that would appeal to renters and possibly buyers if we ever decide to sell.

This is where the bathroom started (with the previous tenant’s shower curtain)…


The new shower we planned is white with touches of marble and brushed nickel, and I was undecided on the wall color. I was debating between going neutral and adding some color.

I headed to Ace Hardware to check out their new paint studio which has a new line of Valspar paint that was developed exclusively for Ace. There were tons of great color choices! 

Ace Hardware Paint Studio

The whole paint studio (which also includes their Clark+Kensington line that I have used for my laundry roomfireplace, and parent’s guest room) has a boutique feel to it.The pullout drawers and studio layout were very much like browsing through a high end makeup store. So fun for us paint lovers. 

Ace Hardware Paint Studio

I decided to first pick up a few samples which are only $4.99 a piece, and so worth it. I always recommend sampling paint first before committing to the gallons. Paint can look so different once it is up on your walls with your decor and lighting. It also has a Valspar Color Guarantee, so even if you sample and get the gallons and the color didn’t work out quite right, you can get a rebate for the color. They have all of the details in the store on how this works.

I decided to try out Pool Tile, Zen Pebble, and Gina’s Eyes. I did a bigger sample of Zen Pebble on another wall, so this is just to see all of the colors together. I actually try out large samples on all of the walls since shadows and lighting can change how a color looks from wall to wall.

Valspar Paint Samples from Ace Hardware

You can see here how the colors would look with the bathroom elements.

Valspar Ginas Eyes

Valspar Pool Tile

Valspar Zen Pebble

I really liked all three of the samples, but finally decided on the Valspar Pool Tile. I had a tough time deciding, especially between the Pool Tile and Zen Pebble. Even though this is a rental property, I decided I wanted to break away from the safer neutral choice and add a little color in there. My mind was churning with other places I could use the Zen Pebble, so you may see it down the road.

Valspar Pool Tile from Ace Hardware

I love it!

I used the Valspar Optimus paint which is a true premium paint. It is a paint and primer in one and did have excellent one coat coverage. It went on very easily. I would highly recommend it.

It was fun watching our new tenant’s face the first time he walked in the bathroom. He had seen the old tub and tile surround when we first showed him the place, and his eyes totally lit up when he walked in and saw the end result.

Products Used:

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I am a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel and was provided the product and supplies for this project. I was also compensated for my time, however all opinions are my own.



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