1. carol jane says

    I love it. Sooooo pretty. I will be painting soon and that is such a pretty color. Has anyone ever painted over wallpaper? Our builder put it on unsized walls. We tried it all to get it off. IMPOSSIBLE! Would love any tips on this. THANKS!!!!

    • Cynthia Thurman says

      I had the same problem with wallpaper in a bathroom, the walls were not sized. The wallpaper was hideous and I wanted to change it. I hired a wallpaper hanger, and she couldn’t get it off either, so she told me to paint it with an oil based primer, and then she could put the new wallpaper over it. I actually used a primer that was not oil based, and that worked fine. If you paint over it, you will probably see the ridges of the paper, so you may need a professional to help you because heavy duty sanding may be required. But you could start by painting the primer over the paper and see how that looks. The good news is that wallpaper is popular again. Hope this helps.

  2. carol jane says

    I forgot to mention how much I love the silver bucket for the towels! Gorgeous. Where do you find something like that?

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