I Heart Organizing Paint Colors

I Heart Organizing has such amazing paint colors and they have done a terrific job updating their home. I was in paint color heaven browsing Jen’s home tour, so I asked if I could add these to my paint color galleries. Thanks Jen!

behr grape leaves green paint color
Behr Grape Leaves


behr brown teepee and bher belgian sweet tan paint color

Behr Brown Teepee (left) and Behr Belgian Sweet (right)


behr belgian sweet and behr navajo white cabinet paint color

Behr Belgian Sweet (walls) and Behr Navajo White (cabinets)


behr cayman bay and behr burnshed metal blue paint colors

Behr Cayman Bay (bottom) and Behr Burnised Metal (top)


Behr Windsurf and Pittsburgh Paints Cityscape

Behr’s Windsurf (darker stripe) and Pittsburgh Paints Cityscape (lighter stripe)


Dutch Boy Cathedral Glass Dark Blue Paint Color

Dutch Boy Cathedral Glass


Behr Light French Gray Paint Color

Behr Light French Gray


Behr Prelude light gray paint color

Behr Prelude


Behr Gulf Winds turquoise bathroom paint color

Behr Gulf Winds


Behr Frozen Pond gray blue paint color

Behr Frozen Pond


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