First ever Involving Color reader survey!

I received some great feedback from my post on doing the tiling in our bathroom when I mentioned that I did the whole thing myself, and it made me realize that while I share a lot about paint colors I love and the projects I do, I don’t share a lot about me. And I want to! I plan to do a series on Involving Home on just that.

But first, I want to know more about YOU! I’ve never done a reader survey before and I would love to learn more about you. Please share as much or as little as you would like (it is completely anonymous). I’m doing a similar post over on Involving Home, so if you read both, I’d love it if you filled out that survey too, or feel free to comment on both in this form. Blogging is such a unique experience because I really have no idea who you are, what you like/dislike about my blogs, where you are, and so on. I can’t wait to read your responses, and thank you SO much for taking the time to fill out the survey!

You may have to hit refresh on your browser to make the survey show up.


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