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I hope everyone is staying warm and getting ready for the holidays. We had a little snow and ice storm here in the DC area earlier this week and lost power for two days. Marty and I initially thought we would be able to tough it out and sleep at our place…then we realized we’re wimps and can’t take the cold. We took refuge at my parent’s house and actually slept in the room my mom and I painted the other day.

Now everything is back to normal, and I’m so excited to share another big item checked off our home to-do list that I did in partnership with Ace Hardware. Our fireplace has sat mostly untouched since we purchased our home. I painted the mantel white awhile back, then just never got to doing something about the brick.

Brick Fireplace Before Painting

I spent a weekend making over our fireplace, and I am loving the change.

How to paint a brick fireplace

I picked up a gallon of Clark+Kensington Interior Enamel in Ominous Cloud to make over the brick. Since it is a paint and primer in one, I didn’t bother with priming first. The brick was very porous which made it soak up a lot of paint with the first coat, so two coats were a must, especially since it’s hard to get in all the little nooks and crannies with just one pass.

The fireplace doors had also seen better days, and I wasn’t crazy about the brass around the glass. We had contemplated getting a new door, but apparently the doors are part of a whole fireplace unit which would be rather expensive and difficult to replace.

So since it looked like getting new doors was out for now, and I still wanted to freshen it up, I picked up a little can of this Rustoleum High Heat Oil Based Enamel. While I am not sure if the metal gets that hot when burning a fire, I didn’t want to take any chances.

I lightly sanded the brass, taped off the glass (since I read that oil based paints can be harder to scrape off than acrylic), then only needed one coat to cover the brass. The black was almost an exact match to the rest of the fireplace door, so I touched up a couple nicks and rusty spots which made it look brand new. Once I was done and saw the results, I was really glad we decided to keep the existing door and just paint it.

Painting Brass Fireplace Doors


I’m not really sure why I didn’t paint the brick and antique brass sooner. It was such an easy way to make it look more modern and less 80’s, just in time for the holidays when our fireplace gets to take center stage. I hope Santa likes it ;)

Gray painted brick fireplace


And it sure does improve the view from the kitchen when we are cooking.

Painting an 80's brick fireplace gray


Brick PaintClark+Kensington Interior Enamel in Ominous Cloud

Fireplace Door PaintRustoleum High Heat Oil Based Enamel


P.S. – the winner of the Wagner Paint Sprayer was Charlyn! Thanks so much to all who entered!

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I am a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel and was provided the product and supplies for this project. All opinions are my own.


  1. Mary says

    That’s a great makeover! Maybe I can get brave and paint our fireplace brick someday!

    On another note, I love that drum pendant hanging above your table in the last photo. Could you share the source for it? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  2. Erin B says

    I love the change and am thinking about doing the same! I am just wondering how the paint has held up on the fireplace?

  3. Katherine says

    Love your fireplace transformation. I also have an ugly brick and brass fireplace and I actually pinned yours because I love how it looks. Was it hard to paint the brass? We have a bit more brass to take care of but we are contemplating doing this based on how wonderful yours came out. Any advice?

    • says

      We just had the little bit of brass around the doors, but it wasn’t hard at all. I say you go for it! The paint we used was oil based, so it adhered really well. If using latex, just make sure to use a good primer first or it may peel off the metal.

      • Lindsay says

        What type of brush did you use? I tried one coat with a foam brush and it came out really thin. The can says not to do a second coat, so I wiped it all off. Any advice?

        • says

          I used a regular full sized roller. I forget the nap length, but I did a couple of coats. It’s usually okay to apply multiple coats of paint, as long as you let it dry between coats. A foam brush probably wouldn’t work well with brick because you need the nap to get in all the nooks and crannies.

  4. Zulema says

    I love the fireplace re-do! What paint color sheen did you use? Maybe Satin or Eggshell? I’m always afraid of going too shiny.


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