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Ace Cabinet, Door and Trim Paint PLUS a $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card Giveaway!

When I was in Chicago meeting with the folks at Ace Hardware, one of the products I learned about was the Ace Cabinet, Door and Trim Alkyd Enamel paint. It is an alkyd enamel which means it is water based for easy cleanup, but it self levels like oil based paints. It dries to a durable and washable finish.

Ace Hardware Cabinet, Door and Trim Alkyd Enamel. Self levels like oil based paint but easy cleanup of a water based paint.

Since I just finished installing new tile in our half bath recently, I have been itching to complete the room with some crown molding. This was the perfect chance to test out the Cabinet, Door and Trim Paint. I had it tinted in Natural Cotton since that was a close match to our baseboard color which is a slightly creamy white. Once up on on the wall, it reads as a white, just not a super bright white.

I actually did the crown molding by myself one afternoon while Marty was out. Normally crown is a two person job, but since this room is so small, I was able to hold up the pieces without a second set of hands. I used my handy test pieces that I talked about in my kitchen crown molding post over on my other blog, Involving Home, to help with setting up my compound miter saw so I don’t make any mistakes. I keep them by the saw and orient them the same way as the piece I am cutting, then I check to make sure the saw is set up to make that same cut. I do this every time, and on more than one occasion they have saved me from making a mistake.

Mistake free crown molding! Use test pieces to help set up compound miter saw for crown molding.


Once the crown was up, I caulked it using my tried and true method for caulking after the walls are already painted. This method lets me get a nice crisp line and I only have to tape once for both the caulk and the paint. This picture was from when I did our kitchen crown molding, but you can see how nice and crisp the line is. I did the same thing in our half bath.

How to caulk molding after walls are already painted

My local Ace Hardware store where I picked up the paint suggested that I use light coats since that will help with the self leveling properties. It worked great! The paint came out super smooth and I love how it looks.

Installing crown molding in small half bath

You can see here what the room looked like before. Definitely missing something.

Adding crown molding to a small powder room

Much improved.

Installing and painting crown molding in a half bath


Paint Source: Ace Cabinet, Door and Trim Alkyd Enamel in Natural Cotton


***And as a treat for all of YOU, I’m giving away a $100 gift card to Ace Hardware!***

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I am a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel and was provided the product and supplies for this project. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Laura Terry says:

    Love your tips on crown molding. You did a great job!!
    We have the exact pedestal sink and look in our lower half bathroom.
    I am interested in what color paint you used on the walls.


  2. Madeline says:

    I’d probably paint our hallway. It’s the one area I haven’t done yet!

  3. Tamara M. says:

    Paint FOR sure!! For our bedroom and semi gloss for all the trim in the main living area

  4. Paint for our kitchen and dinning room. It’s been on my to do list for awhile now. I love ACE, our local one has popcorn which means I can shop for a good 10 minutes before the kids start freaking out.

  5. Andrea says:

    I’d like to beef up my tools.

  6. alaine says:

    I would buy paint.

  7. probably some spray paint and some drawer pulls!

  8. Painting supplies! We rent our house and plan on moving in the next few months. My daughters walls are a hot mess so would like to paint in there before we leave :)

  9. jerri czosek says:

    I would repaint all the trim in my bathroom. We are remodeling our master bath & I love the crown molding but it needs to be freshened up. Happy New Year!

  10. diannem says:

    I could sure use new paint for a new house! It has loads of wallpaper that will need to come down – with my plan being sooner rather than later :)

  11. Nancy says:

    It always amazes me how much a room can change just by adding crown.

  12. Elena says:

    I would buy paint

  13. Hannah says:

    Would love to try some of that exact same paint to redo kitchen cabinets. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I’d buy a new bathroom mirror with some style!

  15. Lauren E. says:

    I’d buy a dehumidifier

  16. Jen says:

    I need to paint our built-in shelving, and I need a paint that hardens on the shelves. Tacky shelves are the worst!

  17. Ashley C says:

    We’re planning to buy our first home in the next year, so I think this would help us get a jump start on things we’d need for our house!


  18. rachel says:

    We could use paint or plumbing supplies for a bathroom project.

  19. Taryn T. says:

    We desperately need to buy some paint! We tried out a bunch of different paint colors on our walls, and now it looks like we are going with camo! We need to get it back to one color! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. Melissa K says:

    I love our Ace Hardware! I would probably buy paint, because I’m always in the mood to paint something!

  21. Ashley H says:

    I’d get paint for our nursery.

  22. Melissa L. says:

    I would buy paint and supplies. We are decorating my daughter’s room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. risia bradshaw says:

    Great job on bathroom!! I’m always painting something, I love checking out your blog and seeing new colors and what they look like on walls in rooms, so helpful and great resource!!

  24. Kristen says:

    Your bathroom looks great!

  25. Brandi says:

    I would love to try this product! We’re in the process of getting our house ready to sell and painting cabinets is on the list.

  26. Kelsey says:

    Great tips for doing crown molding. Having the test pieces helps those who can’t visualize.

  27. Kelly D says:

    I would buy some shelves for our garage.

  28. Renee Horne says:

    I would love to try the new paint as well as paint for my den and bedroom.

  29. Becky says:

    I would buy paint. =)

  30. Very nice! The crown molding definitely finishes off the room perfectly. We really need to finish our dining room (I had to take down wallpaper), so I’d love to buy some paint and chair rail from ACE Hardware.

  31. Julie says:

    I would definitely buy paint! I need paint for both our bathrooms, in our small older home, and agonizing over the perfect shade of gray for each. Hoping for a soothing, graceful gray for one, and then a cooler more mod shade for the other.

  32. Sarah Mudd says:

    I love how this worked out! I would use the gift card to buy paint- I’m itching to transform my tan master bedroom into a spa like retreat!

  33. livivua says:

    i would buy new bathroom furnishings

  34. Rebecca says:

    Hi Jena!
    I just stumbled on your blog from pinterest. Can you tell me the source of the light in your half bath? Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to reading more here!

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