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So the short and sweet version is I’m obsessed with paint colors. I’m an avid DIYer and decorator. I fix broken things. I share your paint colors at www.involvingcolor.com and my house at www.involvinghome.com.

Now, the longer version…

I started Involving Color a place for me to share my love for paint color and to chronicle the DIY adventures of our fixer upper. We bought our home in 2009 and since then have been hard at work painting, renovating, and fixing up just about everything. I quickly realized when I started choosing paint colors just how much I enjoy hunting for the perfect color, but there weren’t any good resources for real rooms with actual color names, so I created Involving Color to share your rooms! Most of the images in my galleries include paint color names, and those that don’t are rooms that are just great inspiration.

I love sharing what I’m doing around my own home too, which is everything from renovating, decorating, cleaning tips, and cooking, and I share all of that on Involving Home. I got the DIY bug…bad. My idea of a good time is anything that includes power tools and paint brushes. Oh yeah. I love to cook, try new recipes, and I try my darndest to make better, healthier meals at home than I can get out at a restaurant. I’m kind of obsessive about finding the best and most efficient way to do anything and everything around the house, and I especially enjoy sharing those tips with you.

I hope you enjoy browsing around, and if you would like to submit your paint colors, please email me at [email protected] Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments too! I love hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Dawn says


    I see you have put in an ikea lindigo kitchen. What colour are you painting your crown. I used BM simply white. Is this best to match the doors?

  2. Sarah says

    Hi, your house is beautiful. I love how Clean, simple, and uncluttered it is! You are talented. I was wondering where you got your plantation shutters in the dining and living room?

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